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Address: Panhu, Chidian Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province

The company is a professional Buddhist products manufacturer, the main products are candles for religious sacrifices, worship chairs, and worship pads. The company was established in April 2002. After six years of rapid development, it now has a self-built factory of about 30,000 square meters, equipped with corresponding professional equipment, and has more than 80 professional and technical personnel in R&D, design and production. With abundant capital, exquisite technology, rich processing experience and excellent product quality, it is trusted by domestic and foreign customers.

Candle products are mainly divided into ghee and crystal crystal candle, using high quality paraffin and natural plant sesame oil; butter candles, using natural plant crispy wax and plant sesame oil, both products are made by environmentally friendly processing, the fragrance is healthy and beautiful. Practical, it is a kind of good-hearted woman who worships the gods and worships the gods and worships the gods. It is suitable for indoor use.

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